Interest Free Loan and Savings Bring Hope to Emma

Money was very tight for Emma, her husband and 4 children. She had always worked part-time, but stopped to care for her husband when he was dying of cancer. When he died, her money problems got even worse.

“I was left with car re-payments and funeral costs, and I wasn’t working as I needed to look after the children. It was all very hard,” explained Emma.

Suffering a breakdown after her husband’s death, worrying about money didn’t help.

“The interest payments on the car were so high, I couldn’t put enough money on it to make even a small dent in the loan. It just wasn’t going down,” she said.

Remembering that she destroyed a credit card, and never had another one, after attending a Kingdom Resources budgeting course years ago, she called Kingdom Resources for help.

“My original financial mentor, Jan, helped me to access an interest free loan with Kingdom Resources and work out a budget. Not paying interest, it was exciting every month… to see the loan amount going down,” she said. “It was amazing when it was finished.”

“Sue was empathetic and understanding and patient. I couldn’t have wished for anyone nicer. If I was a bit frazzled … she’d say ‘it’s alright, we’ll sort it out. She was very calming,” said Emma.

Emma got a real surprise too, she’d forgotten that alongside her loan, she was saving for specific costs, and hadn’t even touched her money.

“I said to Sue that I need money for a car registration and warrant. She said that was fine, because I had plenty in savings. I got so excited … for the first time ever, I paid car registration for a whole year,” she said.

Emma has since paid off her loan, but is still saving to take her now adult children on a holiday, to commemorate the anniversary of her husband’s death.

“I have and do recommend Kingdom Resources to people,” said Emma. “I know it’s recognised by Work and Income NZ. It’s part of the community culture in Christchurch – it’s part of our foundation… for meeting the needs of vulnerable people in society today.”

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