Interest-Free Loans

For some clients who have an established relationship with us, a Kingdom Resources interest free loan is the right solution.

Kingdom Resources has lots of tools to help you escape the debt trap. Your Financial Mentor will discuss whether you meet our criteria for an interest free loan. It can take some time to set up, so it is not an overnight fix.

If your Financial Mentor thinks an interest free loan is appropriate for you, they will help you apply for one.

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  1. I work with people everyday who I help and refer to your service, so you can imagine what a humbling experience it was to be in the position myself where I desperately needed your help. My Financial Mentor was amazing! I cannot praise Julie enough for the help and support she gave me. She was solution focused and non-judgemental. I am in a much better place, with some light at the end of the tunnel, where previously there was none. I have so much respect and appreciation for what you do – not only for the people you help me support, but in what you have done to change my Financial Life. I cannot speak more highly of Julie. She is a total asset to your team and I am forever grateful to her for what she has done for me.

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