Ray of Hope for Dave

Severe depression and anxiety, forced Dave to quit his job. He lived in a house bus that couldn’t move. He had no running water or gas. In the middle of winter, it was freezing. He used a local working men’s club for showers. He pawned what he could just to survive.

“I was adamant that I was going to kill myself. You couldn’t be any more stuck, living in  that situation … with no job… I was depressed as hell, and suddenly thought, I’ve got my KiwiSaver – that’s my lifeline. There wasn’t a Plan B,” explained Dave.

“The paperwork looked like hell,” said Dave, “so my Stepping Stone’s support worker suggested we got a budgetadvisor onside to help.”

Weekly meetings followed with Peter, a Financial Mentor, at the Kingdom Resources Office in Addington.

“Peter couldn’t promise anything, but said he’d help us do all the paperwork right. He gave me inspiration and encouragement and prompting… an uplift to my mood,” explained Dave.
“Each time that I left – it was a ray of hope. He asked me ‘do you mind if I pray for you,” and I said ‘sure’. It was his way of helping as well. He gave me a food parcel, and he also got me a couple of duvets – it was bloody freezing inside the bus.”

“Peter helped us step by step, even the halves in between … we got quotes and letters of support. Peter knows the ins and outs,” said Dave.

Thankfully, his Kiwisaver Hardship application was successful.

“I woke up this morning, my head is going around 100 mph… but it’s all good things. But 3 months ago, it was going at 100 mph, but it was all bad. I don’t think our KiwiSaver hardship withdrawal application would have worked without Peter’s help,” said Dave, who now has hope for the future.


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