Smarter Supermarket Spending

Why is it that bread and milk are located the furthest away from the supermarket entrance?  To try and tempt us to buy eye-catching products as we wind our way to the bread! It’s just one of the many tricks of the trade supermarkets use to entice us to spend more.

It’s easy to overspend in the supermarkets.  So here’s a few tips that you may find useful to keep your spending under control.

  • Don’t shop hungry – we’re likely to spend a fifth more if we do!
  • Shop with a list and stick to it.  Use the Store’s weekly sale ads in the newspapers or visit their websites before planning your meals.
  • Try to know your prices – you’ll then find it easy to recognise if something’s really a bargain or not! What’s a great buy one week, may not be another time. You could also check under the ‘Specials’ label to see the retail price and find out how much you’re really ‘saving’ too.
  • Buy in season – fresh fruit and vegetables are at their lowest when they’re in season.
  • Buy in bulk where possible – but make sure you can use it before it goes off!
  • Consider generic or store brands as they’re often identical to another brand except for the price.
  • Look high and low on the shelves as the more expensive brands are often at eye level!
  • Carry a calculator – keeping a running total of costs really helps to control spending.
  • Beware of impulse buying at the checkouts – they’re usually stacked with unhealthy snacks to tempt you (and your kids!).
  • Prepare now for Christmas by buying a Christmas Club voucher each week.

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