Jane couldn’t afford to eat. “I had just $5 left over each week and lost shed loads of weight,” she explained after discovering that she owed thousands of dollars to Work and Income.

Jane suffers from dyslexia and said that she gets easily confused with forms.

“Any more than just one page and I’m dumbfounded.”  This had a big impact on her ability to communicate, which contributed to her going into a spiral of uncontrollable debt and depression. She didn’t want to tell anyone about how heavily she was in debt.

“I sucked it in for a long time. I hid the paperwork under my bed. I was ashamed to even tell my grown up kids how bad things were. I became a recluse. Friends would ask me out for coffee and I just couldn’t afford to go and said ‘no’.”

“I’m stubborn. Being the youngest of six children, I was always told to ‘toughen up’ and you do! I kept putting off asking for help. I didn’t think there was much anyone could do about it. There are people worse off than me. I got so low, I was contemplating suicide as I couldn’t afford to look after myself. But my daughter wanted me to eat. She’d told me about Kingdom Resources, as they’d supported her before and she trusted them.”

When Jane, her daughter and granddaughter turned up at the Kingdom Resources office they met with Jude, a very experienced budget advisor at the front desk.

Jane said, “I showed Jude everything [bank statements, Work and Income letters etc]. I was an emotional wreck. I just couldn’t function without tears. I didn’t think she could help as I’d buggered up. Meeting Jude was the turning point. Jude took me to Work and Income and quickly pointed the problem out to them. She helped me get into a council place and just starting again.”

“Jude’s a good chick. She’d ring to see how things were going and if I needed anything,” explained Jane. “I was treated like a human, not a piece of trash. It was the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“Jude and Kingdom Resources helped me out good. Hopefully I never need to use Kingdom Resources again, but I know I can and they won’t judge me. Sometimes you have to realise that you need help … you’re the one who really is worse off.”

“Finding someone to help is the hardest part, then trusting them. We lock ourselves away. You just have to unlock that key and ask for help,” added Jane.

*Name Changed