Monique, a single mum of two children needed a car. Working part-time, she was sure she could afford the repayments on her income. Suddenly everything changed when she lost her job.

“I got into difficulty with the car repayments and was charged penalty payments. I couldn’t get my head above water, it was really hard.”

The car originally cost $10,000, but together with all the default repayments she ended up paying $17,000 for it.
“I traded it for just $1,000 for a station wagon to do the markets. How stupid is that! Never, never, never again will I do finance on a car,” she said.

Monique called Kingdom Resources for help and was amazed at the doors that opened for her. “Linda, my budget advisor, was just lovely. It was almost like this stranger had come into my home and within about five minutes of talking, she had taken all the worry and stress I’d been carrying. I didn’t feel so on my own with it.”

Following the unexpected death of Linda, Andrea took over as budget advisor. She helped Monique to successfully apply for an interest free loan with Kingdom Resources, which she got.

“Once I had that in place, it was a huge relief. My focus was to pay it off, and I started to have savings. It gave me options – I had never had options before! Paying it back became part of life – it was just what I had to do.” Today, with a part-time job and her finances in order including her loan paid off, life is very different for Monique.

“It’s so good to get off the benefit. I can now go to the supermarket and buy whatever… little things without restriction now. I’m happy to save. If one person reads this story, maybe a mum struggling and it helps them to accept an offer of help, they may be amazed what doors open from there.”